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The Growth Perspective: Marketing vs. Sales

May 24, 2019


It’s marketing vs. sales! On the marketing side, our guest Natalie Nathanson, CEO of Magnitude Consulting, is been a marketing consulting for small and mid-sized tech companies. On the sales side, Host Steve Bryerton, DiscoverOrg’s VP of sales, has also seen his share of growth.
Listen to the Growth Perspective, from both sides of the house.

About our guest:

Natalie Nathanson is the Founder & CEO of Magnetude Consulting. Magnetude is a marketing firm that helps B2B companies looking to scale more rapidly and compete more effectively by providing fractional marketing department services spanning marketing strategy, messaging & content development, demand generation, sales enablement, and visibility. They specialize in working with cybersecurity clients, as well as the broader B2B tech sector. She can be reached at 617.755.5061 or [email protected] or you can find her here on LinkedIn