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DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo: 2 Former Competitors Push Forward Together


We’re excited to welcome a VERY special guest into the #GROWTHBOUND studio! Hila Nir is the CMO of ZoomInfo … and DiscoverOrg! Following DiscoverOrg’s acquisition of ZoomInfo, Hila is leading both marketing teams.

Our host and DiscoverOrg President Katie Bullard asks: How do two fierce competitors come together?  and DiscoverOrg is welcoming someone very special into our studio today.

Hila Nir heads the highly energetic marketing team. Nir is responsible for lead generation and branding strategy through inbound and outbound marketing, including email campaigns, website optimization, content marketing, advertising, social media, webinars, and events. With an accounting background, Nir is the definition of a data-driven marketer.


GrowthBoundB2B Radio is sponsored by DiscoverOrg and hosted by DiscoverOrg president Katie Bullack. 

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