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DiscoverOrg + ZoomInfo: 2 Former Competitors Push Forward Together


We’re excited to welcome a VERY special guest into the #GROWTHBOUND studio! Hila Nir is the CMO of ZoomInfo … and DiscoverOrg! Following DiscoverOrg’s acquisition of ZoomInfo, Hila is leading both marketing teams.

Our host and DiscoverOrg President Katie Bullard asks: How do two fierce competitors come together?  and DiscoverOrg is welcoming someone very special into our studio today.

Hila Nir heads the highly energetic marketing team. Nir is responsible for lead generation and branding strategy through inbound and outbound marketing, including email campaigns, website optimization, content marketing, advertising, social media, webinars, and events. With an accounting background, Nir is the definition of a data-driven marketer.


GrowthBoundB2B Radio is sponsored by DiscoverOrg and hosted by DiscoverOrg president Katie Bullack. 

A Startup Story that includes a B2C to B2B Pivot


Two years ago, Treehouse CEO Ryan Carson faced the realization no CEO ever wants to have: His beloved B2C code school, though successful, had to become a B2B company to survive. Well, he did it! Treehouse’s new mission is to help companies train and hire diverse engineering and design teams.

Listen in as DiscoverOrg President Katie Bullard welcomes Ryan into our studio. We’re talking about life in the startup lane: What should the priorities of a CEO and a sales team be, right out of the gate - when you need to grow, fast … and can’t afford to make a mistake? And what do you do when you realize your target market is not where you expected?

Join Ryan and Katie for a startup adventure!

A bit about our guest:

Ryan is the Founder of Treehouse where they help companies like Nike, Airbnb, Adobe train and hire diverse engineering and design teams.

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Getting Growthbound with Justin Gray - What the world’s fastest companies do differently.

How to take your business from under $100M in revenue to over $100M in revenue.

Enterprise Sales Beliefs That Will Be Obsolete in 2019


Enterprise Sales Beliefs That Will Be Obsolete in 2019


Welcome to 2019 - the year you're going to land those enterprise accounts. Join Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled, to explore strategies that work for expanding enterprise accounts - which remains one of the best ways to grow revenue. Learn how to crush your enterprise sales targets in 2019 (and how NOT to crush them). Whether you work for a company that lives and dies on big enterprise sales - a whale hunter - or you depend on a balance of enterprise sales and high velocity sales, we've got you covered. 

About our guest:

Jake Dunlap is an influencer and C-level sales leader with more than a decade of experience.

Jake has developed and led high-performing sales and operational functions for global 2000 organizations and start-ups, specializing in building out repeatable, sustainable processes. As the CEO and Founder of Skaled Consulting, Jake helps companies optimize their sales processes by using the latest sales technologies to accelerate business growth.

Previously to Skaled, Jake was the VP of Sales at Nowait (acquired by Yelp), Chartbeat, and Glassdoor, acquired by Recruit Holdings for $1.2 billion in 2018.

How to take your business from under $100M in revenue to over $100M in revenue.


Just 0.04% of businesses ever reach the $100 million-dollar milestone - and our guest, Matt Wheeler, CEO of QualifiedMEETINGS, has done it! We're talking with Matt about how scaling growth differs depending on company size, and what it takes to make it happen.

About our guest, Matt Wheeler

Matt has worked specifically in IT sales for over 11 years and has immersed himself in Inside Sales, Sales Development, and Marketing every aspect of the business. From personally making over 250,000 outbound calls, managing over 3 million outbound calls and 10 million sales development activities via his SDR teams, Matt has developed a proven methodology known as qualifiedMEETINGS’ “23-52 Touch Process” that has accelerated organizations to achieve a combined $250M in new logo acquisition and pipelines in excess of $1B. He has developed effective strategies that have helped companies such as ForeScout Technologies, AccelOps & Netcordia (acquired by Infoblox), where he built a sales development programs from the ground up, generate generating millions in closed-won deals and rolling pipeline


Getting Growthbound with Justin Gray - What the world’s fastest companies do differently.


What 3-4 elements should growthbound companies focus on? Well, the overwhelming trend we've seen across the board is to jump headfirst into the technology layer. It is sexy. It's easy to buy. It has that shiny-object appeal to it. But it needs to be enabled by strong tactics and planning, all wrapped up in a solid go-to-market strategy. Then we can bring on technology to help scale processes."

About our guest, Justin Gray, CEO/Founder, LeadMD

Justin is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of LeadMD, the world’s largest revenue operations agency having implemented over half of the Marketo user base. Justin has made a career of launching successful companies and scaling them, with successful exits of over 200MM+ in the last decade. Justin’s latest endeavor launched in 2016 when he co-founded Six Bricks an online learning startup designed to combat employee and customer churn through experience-based education.

Over the past 10 years, Justin has emerged as a strong voice for entrepreneurship, marketing and culture. As a recognized speaker, Justin has been published over 350 times in industry publications and holds his own column, Tribal Knowledge in Inc., while writing for Entrepreneur, Tech Crunch and others.